Understanding The Competencies As Global Citizen



The industrial revolution is a reality that must be faced by every country. This condition has
an impact on increasing interdependence between country located in an area in the form of
cooperation in various fields. Industrial revolution gives an essential challenge to improve
the quality of resources human power that can establish cross-cultural interactions to be
able to address every opportunity of good cooperation. One component that needs to be
possessed by human resources in the era of the industrial revolution, especially the young
generation of Indonesia is the cross-cultural communication competence with knowledge,
understanding, self-confidence and cultural identity through the experience of interacting
with individuals from different cultural backgrounds. The young generation of Indonesia
needs to build a global mindset and play an active role in building harmonious cooperation
in achieving the agenda of the industrial revolution. This phenomenon is essential so that
Indonesia's human resources are not just spectators, but can determine the success of the
empowered nation competitiveness. This study aims to analyse affective, cognitive and
conative elements in forming cross-cultural communication competencies. This research
also examines the influence of the dimensions of cross-cultural communication and attitudes
towards global citizenship towards the intention to work together across cultures. The
research sample was taken using a purposive sampling method. Data were collected using
survey methods with questionnaire techniques. Respondents in this study were students at
three universities in Central Java.

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