The Effect Of Organizational Culture On Employee Performance: The Mediating Role Of Organizational Commitment



Police officers duties and roles in today’s democratic society are getting complex. As the
party whose responsibility is to enforce law and order, it makes their performance matter the
most. This research is aimed to figure out the effect of organizational culture on employee
performance with the mediating role of organizational commitment. The research
methodology that used in this study is a case study with survey research method. Purposive
sampling technique is used to determine the sample for this research. The sample of this
research are 200 police officers of Polres Ciamis. SPSS and Amos statistical software are
being used for data analysis purpose. The results of this study indicate that organizational
culture has a positive effect on both organizational commitment and employee performance.
Additionally, organizational commitment has a positive effect on employee performance as
well as mediating the causal relationship between organizational culture and job
performance. The result of this study is expected to give the implications to Polres Ciamis in
increasing the performance of its officers.

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