Attitudinal Implications and Behavioral Preferences to Electricity Consumption and Conservation in Putrajaya, Malaysia



The future demand of energy, mostly electricity, has been anticipated to escalate consequently as a result of the driving forces such as population growth, construction of buildings, endless appetites for economic growth and infrastructural developments. Therefore, this study assessed the influence of attitudes and behavioural preferences to electricity consumption and conservation among the civil service employees of the various ministries in Putrajaya, Malaysia. This study also attempted to relate attitudinal influence and actions of the civil service employees to the trends of electricity consumption in Putrajaya. The information derived from questionnaire survey conducted among the civil service workers of the ministries revealed that: (i) the civil service employees have positive attitudes towards electricity consumption and they practice favourable actions which promote green policy through electricity conservation; (ii) majority of the civil service employees have negative perceptions about population growth control; (iii) yearly electricity consumption trend in Putrajaya shows persistence increase in electricity consumption which affirms the predictions about future increase in electricity demand; (iv) annual increase in electricity consumption trend in Putrajaya after the implementation of green growth policy indicates that this policy is gradually working.

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