Improvement of HR Competency toward Performance and Sustainability Achievement



This research is focused on Batik businessmen or craftsmen in Banyumas Regency, to examine the improvement of HR competency towards performance and sustainability achievement. This study uses purposive sampling technique and there are 52 samples collected. The data analysis tool used is multiple linear regressions. The results of this study indicate that partially knowledge has a significant effect on Performance and Sustainability, skills does not affect Performance, but affect Sustainability. Ability has a significant effect on Performance and Sustainability. The variables of knowledge, skills, and abilities have 43,4 % effect on performance and have 48,2 % effect on sustainability. The results of the study indicate that batik business and craftsmen have the potential to develop and to manage HR competencies in a more directed and more optimal manner. HR competency has a strategic role in creating performance which will ultimately be a sustainable competitive advantage

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