The Effect of Incentives Towards Turnover Intentions Mediated by Continuance Commitment and Moderated by Job Status



The objective of this research is to find out the effect of incentives implemented by online transportation company towards turnover intentions also to find out the moderating role of job status and the indirect effect of incentives toward turnover intentions through continuance commitment. The research sample determined by purposive sampling from 100 respondents which 50 for full-time status and 50 for part-time status. The analysis method in this research used Regression analysis with casua step-model to test the mediating effect and Sub-Group method to test the moderating effect. The results shows that the incentives and continuance commitment had a negative effect towards turnover intentions. Results also show that the incentives have no effect toward continuance commitment. Continunace commitment can not mediate the effect of incentives towards turnover intentions and job status can not moderate the effect of incentives towards turnover intentions. The implication of this research that the companies should more consider in the implementation of the incentives and reconsider incentives on their full-time driver partners. Companies also can treat driver partners according to the type of job status.

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