Demographic Factor Influencing Lecturer Publication Performances in Indonesia



This study aims to determine the demographic factors that affect lecturer publication performances in Indonesia. Data of lecturer profile consisting of academic rank, administrative position, highest education, the country where lecturers received their degrees (overseas or regional), age, work years, and gender was collected from the Ministry of Research online database. This study employs data from 658 lecturers in the faculties of economics and business from 7 universities in Indonesia. The lecturer publication score was obtained from the Indonesian research assessment system called SINTA. To find out the relationship of these factors on the performance of lecturers' publications, multivariate regression analysis with a 95% confidence level was carried out and followed by the Tukey test. Academic rank, highest education, and the university where the lecturer received their degree had a significant influence (p-value <0.05) on the 3-years and overall publication performance. Gender and administrative positions only have a significant effect on the 3-years publication performance, while age and work years did not significantly influence publication performance. The results of this study can be used by lecturer management policymakers in developing countries, especially in Indonesia to make appropriate strategies in developing lecturer resources.

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